You did your research and purchased a new airsoft gun or maybe you got a deal on a used gun, either way, you will need to know how to clean your gun. Maintaining and cleaning your airsoft gun will keep a new airsoft gun shooting like new longer. If you purchased a used gun, you will want to start off fresh and clean your gun. Cleaning your gun will also help you get to know your gun.

Reasons to keep your gun clean:

* Enhanced performanceOtisflex cleaning kit
* Maintain/increase accuracy
* Reduced jamming
* Faster shooting

First thing to do before cleaning your gun or doing any maintenance on your gun is to remove the power source. Depending on the type of airsoft gun you have you will do one of the following:

1. Dry shoot to confirm it’s not cocked-spring action guns
2. Remove battery pack-electric guns
3. Disconnect CO2 tank-pressurized gas guns

There is no excuse to not take a few extra minutes to handle your airsoft gun in a safe manner. A freak accidental shot can cause more damage than you may think. Take your time and be safe!
To clean the exterior of the airsoft gun:

* Wipe clean with a clean non-abrasive cloth
* Use cotton swabs for crevices and hard to reach areas.

To clean the magazine of the airsoft gun:

* Remove magazine
* Clean the magazine the same as the exterior
* All moving parts should have a drop of oil added
* Replace magazine

To clean the barrel of the airsoft gun:

* Turn of hop up system on gun
* Spray a .22 cleaning patch with silicone
* With patch on rod, insert in into barrel to clean
* Use an in and out motion
* Swab barrel 3-4 times
* Repeat swabbing procedure with a dry patch
* When patches come out clean after dry swabbing, you are finished!

There are gun-cleaning kits available. It is a good idea to purchase extra swabs at the same time as the kit. If your gun isn’t as clean as you thought, you don’t want to run out of swabs in the middle of cleaning your gun.

After cleaning your gun, be sure to have a few trial shots before going out on the field to play. After cleaning, your gun may perform better and you don’t want to wait to find out in the field after a few bad shots that you need to adjust your shooting!

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The G&G GR16 Carbine Blowback Rifle is the ultimate skirmish-ready electric airsoft gun. Air gunners will be instantly impressed with the realistic looks of this awesome rifle. The gun features semi/fully automatic firing, a high capacity 450 Rd magazine, and shoots at a velocity of 340 fps (using .20g BBs). Airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for a durable rifle with unbeatable power and attitude will not be disappointed with the G&G GR16 Carbine Plastic Blowback Rifle. Own your opponents and order today! Battery and Charger not included. Features: Material: Aluminum/Nylon/Fiber/Steel/Zinc/Plastic Plastic Receiver Motor: 25000 rpm Hi-Torque Long Axis Gear Box Bearing: 8mm Ball Bearing Pneumatic Electric Blow Back System 6 Position Retractable stock Removable carrying handle with weaver rail base for scope mounting Bonus Package of 1000 .20g BBs Included Made in Taiwan

This gun also has a New Blow Back Pneumatic system True to the faith of mimicking real life firearms, G&G is proud to present its new Pneumatic Blow Back system to its line of airsoft guns. Conventional airsoft blow back utilizes tow hook springs to mimic real life bolt actions, which often lead to excess wear, tear and poor reliability in the gear box. To alleviate the problem of conventional systems, G&G has independently developed the Pneumatic Blow Back system; a piston driven, gas operated mechanism to better mimic real life bolt actions. This new technology utilizes compressed air to move the bolt, which enables the action without adding extra stress to the gear box.This class leading system represents a significant milestone in the airsoft industry.

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The long waited U.S. Rifle M14 is finally here. As employed by U.S. Marine, M14’s real spec include Light Weight, Air-Cooled, gas-operated, magazine fed & Shoulder weapon. This time, WE-Tech (WE) designed from the ground up, incorporating their all new “Open Bolt” gas blowback system. Liberal use of steel parts & a never-been-done-before one-piece synthetic polymer stock has allow for a near-perfect resemblance of its real steel counterpart. Both internal & external engineering features will be appreciated by collector & airsoft enthusiasts alike. As a airsoft player / collector, you must buy one to believe how realistic this GBBR is.

WE-Tech US M14 Full Length Battle Rifle Features: – WE all new Open Bolt Gas Blowback System and Trigger Group – Functional Metal Bolt Carrier & Charging Handle – Fully / Semi-Auto Shooting – Bolt hold when magazine is empty – Realistic Operating Rod and Military Fire Selector Switch – Military Type Front Sight and Flash Hider – Fully Adjustable Military Rear Peep Sight – Full Steel made Outer Barrel – Realistic Mock Gas Block and Handguard Heat Shield – Assembles and Disassembles exactly like the Real M14 Rifle – Over 380FPS Velocity Muzzle

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airsoft ak47
The Kalashnikov AK47 is an absolutely spectacular AEG airsoft rifle. It has a metal body and metal internals making it a very high quality and sturdy airsoft gun. At 37″ long, it weighs in a t 7 pounds! It comes with 2 magazines that hold 550 rounds. You won’t be running out too quickly with a high capacity like that. One magazine is black and one is brown.The best part is the power! It shoots at a very hard 445 fps with .12 gram bb’s and 380 fps with .20 gram bb’s. That’s some serious power for destroying enemy soldiers.
This airsoft gun comes with a sturdy Swiss Arms compact 5x42E scope. It mounts using weaver/picatinny rings on a AK rail. These mounting items are also included in the package. It also includes a 250mah trickle charger and 1100mah mini battery. Have your choice of of black or earth brown for the pistol grip, it comes with both.
This AK47 airsoft rifle includes all metal body, barrel, sights and receiver. There are authentic Kalashnikov trademarks on the receiver for added realism. This airsoft gun has the amazing SPIN-UP system. This allows for better accuracy at longer ranges. It fires in semi-automatic and full-automatic with a safety as well.
While on temporary medical duty in 1942, M.T. Kalashnikov built the first prototype of the AKM. In 1944 the gun for found by the soviet army and was further researched. In 1949 the gun entered production and was used regularly.
This is a great recreation of M.T. Kalashnikov’s classic gun. It is arguably one of the most popular assault rifles of the 20th Century.
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The Echo 1 E-90 is a fully automatic electric airsoft rifle. These guns are very compact and excellent for all battle situations. Echo 1 is a manufacturer of high quality airsoft gun, specializing in electric rifles.
The real version of this gun is name the P-90 but in the airsoft world it is referred to as an E-90.
This airsoft gun has a black polymer body with all metal internals and barrel. It comes with two 68 round clear magazines with realistic bullets inside for effect. Also available are high capacity Tokyo Marui magazines that are fully compatible with the echo 1 e-90. I prefer clear magazines because it is easy to tell how much ammo you have left. It also comes with a weaver tactical rail mounted on top.
It has full ambidextrous controls, a safety and semi/full-auto switch. It shoots at an amazing 370 feet per second. This is excellent power for such a small airsoft rifle. The effective range is 120 feet and it shoots 14 rounds per second! Thats fast!
This gun is small for a rifle but is extremely comfortable. Weighing about 4.5 pounds, it feels great in your hands. This gun is excellent for outdoor battles. It is not suggested to use this gun as a sniper rifle as it doesn’t have the long range accuracy like a sniper rifle does. It is still awesome for skirmishes and especially close quarters battle (CQB).
It great that this thing comes with a weaver rail installed on it already. You can easily add a red dot sight which work great with a gun like this. The Echo 1 E-90 is a very stylish gun the accepts accessories like dot sights and tactical flashlights very well.

You just bought a new airsoft gun. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap because a good gun isn’t. So you wanna do everything you can to take care of it.
You need to clean the barrel after every day of use. This is very important if you live in dusty or sandy environments. Spray some silicone spray down the barrel and into the hop-up chamber. Use your cleaning tool to clean the inside of the barrel thoroughly.
The magazine needs care as well. For electric and spring airsoft guns, leave the magazine without any bb’s in it. This will keep the spring strong and reliable. For gas airsoft guns, leave the magazine pressurized with gas. This will keep the seals intact. Remember that only green gas has silicone oil in it already. If you are using propane, then you need to add a couple drops of oil to it. Never use the release valve to free any gas as it may freeze the o-ring and damage it.
Battery choice is very important in your electric airsoft rifle. If you use a battery with a higher voltage than recommended, you run the risk of damaging the gear box. If you get a battery that is smaller than recommended, it may not even power the gun. The mAh rating of the battery controls how long the battery will last in one session. The higher the mAh means that the battery will last longer. The lower the mAh means that battery will last a shorter amount of time.
Over time your airsoft rifle or pistol is going to get a little beat up looking. There’s no way around it. It’s gonna get paint chips, cracks and scuffs. I do not recommend touching up every little scratch. This might make your gun look even worse than it did before. The paint might not match perfect. You might not do a great job with the touch up. A lot could go wrong. I can only recommend letting it take it’s course and get scratched up and do a full repainting of the gun when the time comes.
With all this you should be able to keep your airsoft gun working good and looking nice for a very long time.
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